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“Ponies, pick up trucks, and puppies star in my work, telling my story about experiencing transcendence in a perfect moment where the vast sky and geometric land formations converge in muted sagebrush covered beauty. As an architect I enjoy playing with scale, sildenafil and how to convey the vastness of the west on a large and small sized canvases.” Sarich presents a tale of a western way of life for ranch animals and their environment. A connection to working ranch animals is not simply beautiful subject matter, nurse  but one of love and existence. Sarich uses sandy browns and golden yellows in her western landscapes to allow the animals to reveal themselves in the foreground. Sarich has an incredible affinity for painting vintage vehicles, which dot the prairies and beaches where she sets most of her subjects. These classic, and in some cases vintage, autos are as much a personality in her art as are her animal subjects.


“The subjects are paired together, anthropomorphically, as comic duos. The title of the series, “Moose and Squirrel” refers to the Hannah Barbara crime fighting duo. Infused with personality and human attributes, Rocky and Bullwinkle delighted me as a child. My husband and I recently saw a bull moose in Teton Park. A magnificent beast with huge antlers sunning himself on a fall morning. A moose is a uniquely North American animal bringing us back to a time of innocence before Indo-Europeans like me inhabited this land. Fierce, huge, and ugly, he awed me. I felt that moment of universal calm when there is nothing but now, nothing but love, nothing but gratitude, and then I quipped in a Pottsylvanian accent: “but where is squirrel?” We laughed at the reference to Rocky and Bullwinkle, and were brought back to the modern world of TV’s, cynicism, and individuality in which we are comfortable. I flip between the world of my construct and it’s true transcendent nature, and search to resolve these opposing forces in my art.”- Brandis


We start our Hawaii days surfing with our friends, these whimsical portraits are all about dogs, joy, and fun!

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Please call Brandis at (808) 344-0255 or call Kevin at (808) 344-1181. We are nice people from Hawaii who look forward to talking story with you. Our late summers and Fall are usually spent in our Summer Studio in the mountains of Idaho.
Brandis and Kevin met at the UC Berkeley School of Environmental Design, and have been an architecture duo since 1989. Licensed in both Hawaii and Idaho, the team brings their organic site specific approach to design to two very different climates. The couple has worked on many high-rise commercial projects in San Francisco, and use that knowledge to administer all their projects professionally. Their focus is on the most essential unit in architecture: single family custom homes that are well suited to the climate, site, solar orientation, neighborhood, and clients dreams.
Fine art is a natural extension of the creative architectural design process. Understanding three dimension and communicating that into two dimensions is the essence of the architect's mind. Commissioned studio pieces priced from $5,000-$20,000. Original field sketches and landscape oil paintings from $500-$20,000.

Many thanks to the family, friends, and ohana who encourage, inspire, and support us: Ellen, Lizzie, Whitney, Vicky, Johnson, Jorjan, Tamsin, Franny, Ingrid, Dana, Fred, Jean, Tamsin, Clark, Pete, Lil, Kahu, Susan, Jim, Barb, Andre, Christine, Paul, Laura, Mason, Alex, Buzz, Lisa, Debbie you are the foundation of my community and your help is invaluable. And a big thank you to our patrons. Your support is the lifeblood of our creativity.