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Pet Portraits


“Pets are often the favorite family member, exceptional confidants, and most loyal companions that we can know. Our relationship can go beyond the physical and bring us to our true nature and purpose: unconditional love.” -Brandis


Acclaimed animal portrait artist Brandis Sarich possesses the unique ability to recognize an animal’s individual spirit and to capture it beautifully in a painting. Using photos, stories, and sketches you and the artist will conceptualize artwork that is a tribute to the relationship you share with your pet.  To share in the experience and comfort of creating the portrait, images of the painting’s progress will be sent via email for your approval. The large, finished piece will be delivered framed and ready to hang on your wall. Prices starting at $5000.

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Please call Brandis at (808) 344-0255 or call Kevin at (808) 344-1181. We are nice people from Hawaii who look forward to talking story with you. Our late summers and Fall are usually spent in our Summer Studio in the mountains of Idaho.
Brandis and Kevin met at the UC Berkeley School of Environmental Design, and have been an architecture duo since 1989. Licensed in both Hawaii and Idaho, the team brings their organic site specific approach to design to two very different climates. The couple has worked on many high-rise commercial projects in San Francisco, and use that knowledge to administer all their projects professionally. Their focus is on the most essential unit in architecture: single family custom homes that are well suited to the climate, site, solar orientation, neighborhood, and clients dreams.
Fine art is a natural extension of the creative architectural design process. Understanding three dimension and communicating that into two dimensions is the essence of the architect's mind. Commissioned studio pieces priced from $5,000-$20,000. Original field sketches and landscape oil paintings from $500-$20,000.

Many thanks to the family, friends, and ohana who encourage, inspire, and support us: Ellen, Lizzie, Whitney, Vicky, Johnson, Jorjan, Tamsin, Franny, Ingrid, Dana, Fred, Jean, Tamsin, Clark, Pete, Lil, Kahu, Susan, Jim, Barb, Andre, Christine, Paul, Laura, Mason, Alex, Buzz, Lisa, Debbie you are the foundation of my community and your help is invaluable. And a big thank you to our patrons. Your support is the lifeblood of our creativity.